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Retrouvaille St. Louis is extremely grateful for all those who generously donate their time or resources to further our work.  Learn more about how you can support our mission below. 

Below you will find various jobs and tasks for which we need volunteers. 




Friday Night Greeters

Welcome Friday night couples and assist them with their bags to their room. Have dinner with other Retrouvaille alumni once the weekend starts.


Weekend setup

Arrive at hotel at 5:30pm on Friday to help setup the room with other couples. Have dinner with other Retrouvaille alumni once the weekend starts.


Weekend cleanup

Help break down and pack up the room on Sunday afternoon, usually around 4:00pm. Have dinner with other Retrouvaille alumni afterwards.


Weekend supplies

Maintain and bring supplies to and from the weekends (notebooks, folders, plates, napkins, utensils, etc.)


Friday night dinner

Plan and organize a meal for the weekend presenters, the Friday night greeters and helpers (approximately 20 people)


Prayer couple

Commit to pray for one Friday night couple and write a letter of encouragement to them prior to the weekend.


Weekend registration

Assist Weekend Registration couple with follow-up correspondence to the registered couples prior to each weekend and/or help with registration Friday night.


Angel Couple

Maintain supplies and order in the room while you experience the complete weekend again. Retrouvaille covers your cost of the weekend. This is a great way to continue your growth and healing while you support other couples.






SuperCORE setup/cleanup

Arrive 15 minutes early to assist others setup tables, chairs and food line for SuperCORE activities.


SuperCORE supplies

Bring drinks and/or supplies to SuperCORE activities


Start a CORE Group

Pick a time and place to host a monthly CORE meeting. All the materials are provided to organize and run a successful CORE. We will help you promote your meeting.


Organize a social event

Plan and coordinate a social event. Limited only by your imagination, possible activities could include dinner at a restaurant, picnic or BBQ in park, bowling party, camping, canoe float, or attending free summer concerts together.


Website/Social Media

Promote CORE activities by coordinating and maintaining updated website. Setup and update social media sites.





Post Session setup/cleanup

Arrive at 4:45p Saturday to assist others setup tables, chairs and food line for POST sessions. Can’t get there that early? Come later and join us for the meal @ 6:45p and stay to help clean up the food table.


Post Session presenter

Write your story and present a post session.






Booth staffing

Spend a few hours staffing our booth at one of several conferences we participate in throughout the year.



Assist publicity couple with mailings to parishes and professionals to promote upcoming weekends.

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